Trump Zeros in on Supreme Court Pick

Things to know about abortion and the Supreme Court

"If they can make a case for getting rid of it, let's do it". Both senators supported all three of Trump's reported finalists when they were nominated as circuit court judges.

Who's on President Donald Trump's "list of 25" potential Supreme Court nominees? Academic credentials, professional experience and sometimes even gender, race and geographical diversity all can be part of the equation.

Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday that he doesn't believe a nominee's position on Roe v. Wade should be a factor for senators voting for supreme court nominees, contradicting a statement from Republican U.S. Sen.

If Trump is looking to make history, Barrett could have some appeal.

"As you know there is now a vacancy on the Supreme Court". In addition, she is the youngest of the leading candidates, and Trump has said he wants his nominee to serve for decades. But the tactical approach in question - appealing directly to the American public - speaks to the extent to which the court of popular opinion has become a formidable force in USA politics in the aftermath of Trump's election. Three Democrats voted for her then.

Cuccinelli's remark was a wry reference to another contender, Coney Barrett, whom social conservatives unsure about Kavanaugh have rallied behind this week.

"What I am saying is that a nominee's personal views on Roe v. Wade are not relevant to my decision", Collins said. During his campaign, he promised that if he were able to change the composition of the court, it would "automatically" lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the seminal case recognizing the constitutional right to abortion.

WERTHEIMER: A very appealing candidate but not necessarily to President Trump's base voters - who do you think they'd like best?

Mr Trump had on Friday discussed the nomination with Vice President Mike Pence in Bedminster, New Jersey. He also was a colleague of Trump's sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who stopped hearing cases a year ago. This hearing not only endeared her to constitutionalists and religious conservatives but revealed the strategy of her opponents to attack her religious faith. He is, in some ways, very similar to Judge Kavanaugh. His opinions include several dissents that were later vindicated by Supreme Court majority opinions. He is a Yale Law School graduate. He is active in his local Catholic church and as a coach for his daughters' basketball teams. The groups said her litmus test was insufficient because past nominees have said they'd honor precedents but ruled otherwise as justices. They cite a recent case involving a pregnant teenaged immigrant in federal custody.

Democrats have vowed to resist a nominee who could swing the high court further to the right.

White House officials close to the United States president say personality will be as important a factor as politics in the decision, a strategy Mr Trump has taken with previous high-profile appointments. Kavanaugh also was a clerk for Judge Alex Kozinski, who retired abruptly a year ago as allegations of sexual misconduct grew.

"In choosing Justice Kennedy's replacement, my greatest responsibility is to select a Justice who will faithfully interpret the Constitution as written", he said in the video address.

Kethledge previously served as a law clerk for Kennedy, counsel for the Ford Motor Company and judiciary counsel to U.S. Sen. Kethledge also has first-hand experience with Congress.

At the same time, Kethledge left Washington to return to MI two decades ago.

Donnelly met with Trump the day after Kennedy's retirement, after which he remained open to supporting the future nominee.

"Her clarity and intellectual strength in the Senate hearings for her current judgeship showed an intellect and a depth of thought that would be powerful on the Supreme Court", Gingrich wrote.

Kethledge's sudden ascent in the process is widely seen in the West Wing as a effect of what conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh has called the "whisper campaign" against Kavanaugh, with the president newly intrigued by the University of Michigan Law School graduate.



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