British police officer cleared after being tested for nerve agent exposure

Police officers are seen outside Amesbury Baptist Centre in Amesbury nine miles north of Salisbury southern England

Police are on the scene Thursday where a man and woman were reportedly exposed to the Novichok nerve agent in Amesbury, England.

While the United Kingdom and the United States blamed Russian Federation for the attack on the Skripals, authorities have not assigned blame for the latest incident, and it's unclear if the cases are related.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the case as "very worrying" but said Russian Federation had no information "about what substances were used and how they were used".

"It is completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental targets, or for our streets, our parks and towns to be dumping grounds for poison", he told parliament.

"What we are clear that this is the exact same nerve agent from the Novichok family", Home Secretary Sajid Javid said.

Police said they had fallen ill after handling a contaminated item but gave no further details. He added that a positive perception of Russian Federation ran contrary to the official narrative and blamed British authorities for presenting what could have been a drug overdose as another Novichok poisoning.

Police from 40 departments in England and Wales returned home in June after months working on the Skripal case, and specially trained workers have spent months decontaminating sites around the city.

Friday morning, they erected new barriers around Rowley's house.

"Detectives will continue with their painstaking and meticulous work to gather all the available evidence so that we can understand how two citizens came to be exposed with such a deadly substance that tragically cost Dawn her life".

More than 100 police officers were deployed to try to locate a small vial believed to have contained the nerve agent that sickened the two.

Basu said they could not confirm whether the nerve agent came from the same batch but that the possibility was "clearly a line of inquiry".

Mr Rowley is also being treated at the hospital.

Security Minister Ben Wallace told BBC News Thursday that the couple is likely just a victim of the consequences of the earlier attack and that they were not directly targeted.

In the latest case, it took over four days for the authorities to identify the nerve agent responsible for the latest hospitalisations.

Police in special protective gear and breathing apparatus are conducting an extensive search at the John Baker House in Salisbury, where Ms. Sturgess was living before the poisoning.

The unexplained poisoning of two British citizens with no immediately apparent link to Russian Federation has raised public health concerns in Salisbury, where a massive decontamination effort took place after the Skripals were poisoned.



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