Steel and aluminum announcement coming Friday

President Trump meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G-7 summit in Charlevoix Canada

Canada announced Friday, June 29, billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs against the response to the Trump administration's duties on Canadian steel and aluminum, saying Friday it won't back down.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government released the final list of items that will be targeted beginning July 1.

"I'm exhausted, like a lot of other Canadians, of the constant chirping and attacks of the president, whether it's against the prime minister, against our steel workers, aluminum, cars, dairy products", Mr. Watson said. "This is a perfectly reciprocal action".

Jim Watson, a Liberal Party politician serving as Ottawa's mayor since 2010, told reporters Thursday that he's boycotting the US ambassador's annual Independence Day party over the Trump administration's recent anti-Canadian sentiments.

About 84% of Canada's primary aluminium production is exported to the US.

Food and consumer items - everything from dishwashing liquid and powerboats to yogurt, ketchup and whiskey - will face 10 percent tariffs. At the time, he lamented what he framed as a necessity to strike back at Canada's largest trading partner, and called the USA tariffs "an affront" to a country whose soldiers have fought and died alongside Americans.

She also repeated that Mr Trump's decision to invoke national security to justify the USA tariffs on steel and aluminium imports was "insulting" to Canadian veterans who had stood by their United States allies in conflicts dating back to World War I. He is also threatening to impose another national security-based tariff on imported cars, trucks and auto parts.

This occurred as threats to end the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) hang in the air, and negotiations on improving the treaty have stalled.

Ryder was less optimistic about whether the US would hold off on imposing further tariffs against Canada.

If Trump steps up his attacks on Canada's economy and imposes a tariff on automobiles as threatened, it would lead to "carmageddon", Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, told a Commons committee hearing on Tuesday.

"We are acting very much in sorrow, not in anger", said Freeland, stressing the closeness of the overall relationship.

In a news conference Friday, Bilous stressed that "illegal, protectionist" tariffs hurt people on both sides of the border. "I think all of us, at this point, fully anticipate there will be some moments of drama in the future". "Candidly, the Canadian retaliation is a drop in the bucket compared to the retaliation that we're going to see from China and elsewhere".

In Washington, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association said the tariffs would hit $170 million worth of USA beef products.

Ritchie says there will be an impact from both countries' imposition of tariffs but Canada will be just fine.

"I don't think Congress right now is expected to get engaged until after the midterm election".

Auto giant General Motors warned imposing auto tariffs "risks undermining GM's competitiveness against foreign auto producers", driving up the cost of imported components and reducing sales.

Canada has been pursuing trade deals with other nations, and is staying well connected with political and business networks in the U.S. Paul Moen, an worldwide trade lawyer at Earnscliffe Strategy Group in Ottawa, says the Canadian government has also promised to step in to help industries like dairy and steel.



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