Iran Says Removing Oil From Market By November Impossible

Psychological Economic Political War: Hassan Rouhani On US Sanctions

The State Department official said he had been meeting with European diplomats to convey the message that the Trump administration is serious about enforcing new sanctions on trade with Iran since President Donald Trump withdrew the USA from the Iran nuclear deal in May. Police clashed with rioters and later fired tear gas at the demonstrators who were headed towards the parliament building.

Tehran's prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi said some protesters near the bazaar were arrested on Monday and would not be released before going to trial.

Britain, France, Germany and the European Union as a whole have strongly protested Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and vowed to protect their companies from what are called "secondary sanctions", which punish companies from other countries that engage in business with sanctioned sectors of the Iranian economy.

Similar economic protests roiled Iran and spread to some 75 cities and towns at the end of past year, becoming the largest demonstrations in the country since the months-long rallies following the 2009 disputed presidential election.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the hardline cleric in power since 1989, demanded the judiciary punish those "who disrupt economic security", in remarks clearly meant to send a message to Iranians who may plan more demonstrations. Iran exports more than two billion barrels a day.

The currency crisis, the recession and high prices, are the outcome of the policies of the regime that has wasted the assets of the Iranian people, either by spending on domestic repression, nuclear projects, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and warfare in the region, or they have been looted by the regime's corrupt leaders. He did not elaborate on the number of people detained. "In recent days, some tried to shut down the Bazaar, but their plot was thwarted by the police", Sadeq was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

"We will not give in [to pressure] and will maintain our national and historical dignity in the face of the US", Rouhani said in a meeting with senior managers of his administration on Wednesday.

The value of the US dollar has been increasing, as a result of which the prices of raw materials increase too. Some have suggested the latest United States move is part of its efforts to influence crunch talks in Vienna next month between Iran and the other signatories to the nuclear deal. Trump, who campaigned on a promise of tearing up the deal, pulled America out of the deal in May.

"Japanese companies were beginning to look toward Iran as an attractive investment destination", according to Mitsuo Fujiyama, a senior economist at the Japan Research Institute Ltd.

Rouhani's own power within Iran's government appears to be waning, with some openly calling for military officials to lead the country.

But as United States pressure constricts Iran's access to the worldwide banking system, its ability to deploy some of those resources may have suffered. "But we will not sacrifice our independence", said Rouhani in an address broadcast on state television.

"On China and India, yes, certainly", a state department official told reporters when asked if the U.S. has told all countries, including India and China, to stop all their imports of Iranian oil by 4 November.

The official also said the working with other Middle East countries to increase production so the global oil supply isn't harmed. The official wasn't authorized to be identified by name and briefed reporters on condition of anonymity.

The Iranian parliament showed the level of discontent over Rouhani's performance, issuing a letter, signed by 187 representatives - more than half of the total - asking that the president change his administration's economic team.



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