Trade War: Merkel Threatens US Over Trump Tariffs - Leah Barkoukis

Jin Trump Might Consider Opening a US Embassy in North Korea- Source

The insults stemmed from a closing G7 press conference on Saturday in which Trudeau called United States steel and aluminum tariffs "insulting" and pledged to proceed with previously announced retaliatory tariffs.

Freeland argued that the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and other global institutions created in 1945 were never flawless. "We design and build machinery and the main component is either steel or electronics", said Rhonda Barnet, President & COO of Steelworks Design Inc.

"You may feel today that your size allows you to go mano-a-mano with your traditional adversaries and be guaranteed to win", she said. "But if history tells us one thing, it's that no one nation's preeminence is eternal", she said.

"Canada, for one, is going to stand up in defense of that system".

"Facts matter. Truth matters".

Merkel's statement came after Trump refused to endorse the final communique of the G7 summit and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Europe, Canada and Mexico, sparking fears of a possible trade war. "Competence and honesty, among elected leaders and in our public service, matter".

"The Section 232 action-which is, let me remind people, a national security consideration-is frankly absurd", Freeland said on Capitol Hill after the meeting.

Negotiations to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement started last August and were initially scheduled to finish by the end of December.

Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland poses for photos with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker, R-Tenn., left, and Sen.

Michael Byers, a professor of global politics at the University of British Columbia, said that despite the current turbulence, the US-Canada relationship "transcends any president or prime minister".

On May 31, the White House announced that it will be imposing aluminum and steel tariffs on Canada and Mexico. In reality, the United States has long-standing and very beneficial trade relations with Europe, Japan, and Canada and that global trade from these countries, and indeed from around the world, has inured to the benefit of the United States for generations now.

Trump's decision to enter into conflict with one of the U.S.'s most steadfast allies was viewed with concern and occasionally mockery by analysts and experts.

Minnesota companies will be hit with huge tariffs on products they export to Canada starting July 1.

Rather than acknowledge that, though, this President insists on listening to the false rhetoric of protectionism being whispered in his ear by Peter Navarro and others in his Administration and on pandering to an ill-informed base that views global trade as something that damaging to the American economy.

Freeland said she spoke with her Mexican counterpart over the weekend, and that all three countries agree that they can keep working towards a deal on a modernized NAFTA, despite the upcoming Mexican general election.



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