Melania Trump Reappears After Vanishing Act Sparked Speculation

Alex Brandon  AP

The first lady's absence from the public eye has been widely documented, with Melania not spotted since making a joint appearance with Trump on May 10, when the pair welcomed home three American hostages returning from North Korea. "Things like teaching Boy Scouts about yacht orgies, or increasing Frederick Douglass awareness, making Jake Tapper say 'sh-thole.'" But he wanted "to focus on Trump's latest distinction", he said: "Trump has elevated the office of the presidency so high that it's now located above the law".

Addressing rumours that his wife had run away, the POTUS reportedly laughed "Isn't that right, honey?" and "Did she leave him?" before pointing out that Mrs. Trump was seated in the front row. While Donald Trump was at Camp David with daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, son Donald Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Melania was notably absent.

Greene, who works for conservative news site Daily Caller, also quoted Trump saying, "Melania had a little problem a couple weeks ago but she wouldn't miss this for anything". The event is closed to the press.

However, Grisham confirmed to CNN that Melania would attend the reception for Gold Star families, honoring their family members who died in battle.

After the event, the first lady's office issued a statement thanking the families who came to the White House. The Trump Administration being the Trump Administration, however, nothing can ever be easy, transparent or straightforward, and every attempt they make to talk about where Melania just seems to make the "mystery" seem shadier.

Before the reception, amid ongoing memes and questions about her boss, Ms Grisham said the "nonsense" was fuelled by the media.

A tweet posted on the first lady's account last week tried to quell some of the rumor-mongering.

CNN described the joke as "playful, but a bit awkward" given that the event was to honor military families who'd lost relatives at war. "Rest assured, I'm here [at the White House with] my family, feeling great & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!".

"She will not attend the G7 and there are no plans for her to travel to Singapore at this time", Grisham told AP.

I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I'm doing.

Her first clue that she would be a different first lady came when she made a decision to continue living at Trump Tower after her husband took office in January 2017, citing a desire to maintain stability for her son's schooling.



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