ARM Unveils 5G-Ready Processors for Phones and Laptops

Arm reveals 2019 chip tech to oust Intel from ultraportables

The products are now available to semiconductors companies and integrations are expected to be commercialized in 2019. "The new Arm Cortex-A76 CPU, based on DynamIQ technology, delivers laptop-class performance while maintaining the power efficiency of a smartphone", says the company. Moreover, Cortex-A76 supports dual-issue native 16B (128-bit) vector and floating-point units, twice the throughput of any previous Arm CPU.

Mike Filippo, Arm's lead processor architect, said the Cortex-A76 has about the same performance as Intel's Core i5-7300, but configured with more cache memory could also compete with an Core i7. In other words, it has announced the details of the processor that will most likely power the Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 and other high-end phones in 2019.

To simplify it all, ARM is planning to ensure that is achieves similar improvements in the performance for its ARM-based laptops that it manages for its Smartphone CPU and GPU designs.

In broad metrics, what we're promised in actual products using the A76 is the follows: a 35% performance increase alongside 40% improved power efficiency. Compared to the current Cortex-A75, the new processor should deliver a 35 percent boost in performance while increasing battery efficiency by 40 percent.

SoftBank-owned processor design firm ARM has announced its latest generation of CPU and GPUs for the 5G generation with increased capacity for AI and machine learning. We don't blame you because ARM works from behind the curtain while working on most significant designs.

Each year new flagships come out with new chipsets, which in turn require new cores.

Cortex-A76 chips will be built on 7nm process technology and will deliver speeds of up to 3GHz. This level of performance, power efficiency, and flexibility changes how consumers engage with their new PCs giving them more power to accomplish what they want to, whenever and wherever they want to accomplish it. The company also says that in machine learning related processing, the A76 will be 4X faster compared to current A75. "These Arm-based laptops are already paying off with an unprecedented 20-plus hours of battery life and steadily improving performance thanks to ongoing OS and application optimizations". The G76 will allow developers to create games with higher graphics and support for virtual reality with 30 percent more performance and battery life.

Mali-V76 is designed for high resolution displays. It also promises up to four 4K stream decoding at the same time, or up to 16 streams in Full HD for a 4×4 video wall.



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