Novelist Philip Roth has died

Philip Roth in New York September 2010

Literary giant Philip Roth's critical comments about President Donald Trump are being remembered following the author's death at the age of 85 on Tuesday.

Roth won almost every coveted award for literature in his incredible career, including the Pulitzer Prize for his 1997 work American Pastoral.

Roth, who was now living in Manhattan and CT at the time of his death, was arguably the most significant New Jersey-born novelist of the 20th Century and many of his works are considered American classics.

In his over 50 years in showbiz, he wrote more than 30 books and won countless awards for his novels.

He also won the Man Booker International Prize and the National Book Award for his work, which drew inspiration from the Jewish experience, American ideals and sex in America.

Sexual desire resonates through many of Mr. Roth's works. Roth's work was often defined by its semi-autobiographical themes - most pointedly his exploration of what it meant to be a post-war Jew living in America, which often intersected with his memories of Newark - as well as his blade-like and often dark wit, labyrinthian prose and exceedingly rich characters.

Roth's first novel, Letting Go, was published in 1962 and he soon rocketed to fame (and, for some, infamy) with his third novel, Portnoy's Complaint, in 1969.

Philip Milton Roth was born on March 19, 1933 in Newark, New Jersey, the grandson of European Jews who were part of the 19th-century wave of immigration to the United States.

In this September 15, 2010 photo, author Philip Roth poses in NY. He graduated from Weequahic High School in 1951 before receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bucknell University. More specifically, he explored Jewish identity, anti-Semitism and the Jewish experience in America.

Former president Barack Obama also awarded Roth with the National Humanities Medal in 2010. He said at the time that he made the decision to step away from writing after rereading all his books.

"I decided that I was done with fiction", he said.

"He was more precise and insightful, more intellectually adept and downright witty than most any person of any age", said David Simon, creator of acclaimed drama "The Wire" who is adapting "Plot Against America" for the small screen. It's enough. I no longer feel this dedication to write what I have experienced my whole life'. The couple divorced in 1995 and Bloom wrote a memoir called "Leaving the Doll's House" where she depicted him as a misogynist and control freak.

He wanted "to see whether I had wasted my time", according to the New York Times Book Review.



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