Trump Completely Skips Any Mention Of Melania In Mother's Day Message

Melania Trump's name is growing in popularity with more and more parents choosing that name for their baby girls

Fast forward to present day and both the president and first lady sent out Mother's Day greetings in a pair of May 13 posts on Twitter.

Trump said many times on the 2016 presidential race that he would not have time to go golfing or take vacations as president, but he has spent close to every weekend at his Trump properties including the luxury Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Donald had previously shared a video message commemorating Mother's Day.

Others compared Trump's Mother's Day message to Obama's Twitter post, where he uploaded an image of his whole family and gushed over his wife, Michelle. He also says that it is "a special opportunity to honor all of the mothers and grandmothers in our lives".

And it seemed liked the president was the only one who skipped mention of his wife for her contribution in taking care of their son and working on her "Be Best" campaign focused on children.

"Happy Mother's Day", Trump concluded.

She found work as a domestic worker before marrying Trump's father, Fred Trump Sr, in 1936. They married and have been married for many, many years. "So, I say this to you as I think about my mother, Happy Mother's Day and God bless the United States of America". "So much of what I've done and so much of what I have become is because of my mother".

'They helped us gain our independence.

"She was just incredible, warm, loving, really smart, could be tough if she had to be, but basically she was a really nice person", Trump said. Through their grit, determination and incredible spirit, they pioneered the West and settled the frontier.

"I miss her a lot".

He also praised all American mothers and their role in World War II but during the entirety of the video he never once mentioned his wife, who took a break from her fashion business to focus on being a mother while performing the duties of the first lady.

'I learned so much from my mother. Mary Trump passed away in August 2000.



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