Lewis Hamilton back on track with pole in Spain

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"I'm not trying to be amusing but I genuinely have no idea what they're doing or what they've changed or what they've decided. We all say we want to have a better sport, to have a better show, so let's do something". The changes should make cars go a second and a half slower, however. And now we want to make them slower again.

"And I am sure there have been people with nerves over the last few races, just not really understanding [what's happening] and feeling like we're not really learning enough".

"We are drivers - not to say that we know everything, we don't know anything about engineering the vehicle - but we know how the cars feel, and their limitations to overtake, but we're not really asked". And their limitations to overtake. Lewis had a very good qualifying and, for us, as Lewis said, it's a flawless result for us and hopefully we can continue like this tomorrow. The two title favourites said they would have liked to have been consulted about the "comical" proposals, which are meant to encourage more overtaking.

"The tyres have been a little bit changed, for whatever reason, so obviously they're not the same as they were in the other races", said the Finn.

"Q3, the first run, I locked up a little bit into Turn 1 so the first sector was already slow and I tried to get back and recover, but to really fight for pole it was not enough and I didn't get a great feeling on that tyre, on that set so I chose to ask to go back and I think it was the right call. But we're not really asked".

"The regulations have been rushed through, a lot of them are in conflict with existing regulations, so there's going to be a meeting on Sunday to tidy it up, whether that's achievable or not". "It feels like something that could prove to not have the effect you were hoping for".

The new owners of Formula 1 are adamant that racing needs to be entertaining at all times and the lack of overtaking at certain tracks have seen them change the rules for the 2019 season. More challenging, you see us more exhausted after the race. "If there is time and anyone wants to approach me or any of the drivers, I am sure we can give some good insight".

Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who has a reputation as one of Formula One's most exciting overtakers, agreed drivers should be consulted. I don't know. It is what it is, it wasn't bad but I think we needed more laps. "Our opinions should at least be heard". "We still don't know what happened, but we'll figure it out".

"That's where it's hard", he said. "At the moment, we are making the racing better".



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