This Chicago Bishop Will Be Giving The Sermon At The Royal Wedding

All smiles Parisa Fitz-Henley 41 who plays Meghan Markle in the new Lifetime movie Harry & Meghan A Royal Romance has discussed what it means to her to take on the role

So in order to show off their product, the website decided print closeup face shots of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a suit, which can be yours for about $38. With a backdrop of Windsor Castle how could this be anything but a fairy-tale wedding?

The instrument is written using the "royal we", or majestic plural.

By any other standard it would certainly not be considered low-key, but by royal standards it will indeed.

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.

Set against all this tradition, Ms Markle is a stark contrast in modernity.

The Royal Marriages Act 1772 required descendants of king George II to seek the sovereign's consent before they Wednesday, otherwise their marriages were deemed invalid.

Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the thrown, and Markle, best known for her role in U.S. TV drama "Suits", are due to marry next Saturday at Windsor Castle, home to kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. I'm sure it's a dump!

- 11:00 am (1000 GMT): The last non-royal guests take their places in the chapel. "I don't think she will go for a traditional white dress.It is also Meghan's second marriage". She, too, wanted it simple, but that was not going to happen.

"One of the reasons why Prince Harry is so popular is when he was young he was something of a wild child, he got himself into a number of scrapes", said royal historian Hugo Vickers. She popularized the wedding cake, and had 12 bridesmaids. I guess that tells us just how popular Royal Weddings can be.

However, she will not become "Princess Meghan" because only women born into the royal family can carry the title followed by their name. Prince William married Catherine Middleton, in 2011, yet another commoner! "After the first couple of times I guess she started giving a hug to the guys, which wasn't exactly protocol and at some point somebody said to her, "people don't usually do that" and she said (shrugging) "I'm American, I hug".

The design incorporates aspect of both Meghan and Harry's lives, and might be a clue to some of the emblems which will be incorporated within their Coat of Arms, which will be designed and given to the couple after their wedding.

- Lois Heckman is a certified Celebrant practicing in the Poconos.



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