Elon Musk boasted nearly finished the tunnel under Los Angeles

Elon Musk Shows Off Almost Finished Boring Company Tunnel

Elon Musk has given the first glimpse of his underground Los Angeles tunnel, and said free rides will start in just a few months.

A photo shows the Boring Company tunnel beneath Hawthorne, Calif., as of October 2017. The additional red tape must be dealt with before the tunnel is converted to a fully functional service, however.

Before any member of the public can go for a ride through the tunnel, presumably on one of the company's proposed sleds, The Boring Company will need regulatory approval.

Elon Musk's plan to beat Los Angeles traffic is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Those free rides could begin as soon as a month from now.

Musk has also talked again about how the tunnels will be used.

The Creator of the tunnel, the company Mask The Boring Company is waiting for approval from the authorities to launch, reports Electrek.

In a reply to a tweet about the tunnels, Musk said that work on a link between NY and Washington, DC, had "already started" and that he hoped it would start on one between Los Angeles and San Francisco next year.

Musk's reference to the support needed from the public, elected officials and regulators may serve to explain why he's bringing up the subject now. Musk may be counting on his huge fan base to help with the tricky task of getting the tunnel cleared for takeoff. Underground tunnels Musk invented in order to relieve the road and make shipping as fast as possible.



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