Debate as John McCain 'snubs Trump from his funeral' amid cancer fight

Debate as John McCain 'snubs Trump from his funeral' amid cancer fight

John McCain is in a battle for his life, yet all that is being talked about today is how the Senator from Arizona doesn't want President Donald Trump at his funeral. While he is now back home to recuperate following surgery last month for an intestinal infection, he expressed in an audio excerpt included in his upcoming memoir that he might not be around for much longer.

However, McCain's decision to disinvite Trump had also prompted some to point out that not everyone at the White House will be sorry about Trump's absence, pointing out the enjoyable time First Lady Melania Trump and former President Barack Obama had at Barbara Bush's send-off. According to those close to McCain that list includes just one person: Trump.

The pair have a less-than-friendly relationship after Trump's sarcastic remarks about McCain's Vietnam past and the dispute over Obamacare.

Hatch said on Monday that McCain's wish for a Trump-free ceremony was "ridiculous", drawing the ire of Meghan McCain. She recently hit back at Trump for "physically mocking" her dad for the "no" vote issue.

"Yes. Thank you, Whoopi. It means the world to me and my entire family", she wrote.

Donald Trump seems to be taking the high road when it comes to this very sick and morbid headline news, he's completely ignored McCain's request.

Hatch's comments would represent the first criticism from a GOP colleague of McCain's reported decision to not have Trump attend his funeral.

"He is not going to be a hypocrite".

The animosity between McCain, who has drifted leftward during his long tenure in the Senate, and Trump, is long-standing.

She does not see the senator as a "sell-out", so she is not surprised that he does not want Trump at his funeral because having him eulogize or memorialize him will be "selling out". "Thank you very much for that", McCain responded. The 81-year-old senator later returned to work despite his condition, but he left Washington, December and has so far been unable to return.



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