Ingles, Mitchell rock for Jazz

Donovan Mitchell Reveals How He Earned The

It's a pair of Game 3s in the Western Conference semifinals on tap Friday night in the National Basketball Association playoffs, with the Jazz heading home after a big win on the Rockets' home floor.

wHe did it right near the Jazz bench and his teammates went wild, cheering and pretending to fall backward on each other in awe.

The Rookie of the Year candidate for the Utah Jazz has made headlines with his dazzling dunks and incredible ball skills, leading the Jazz through a challenging year all the way to the fifth seed in the Western Conference.

The third quarter nearly became the turning point in the match - "Houston" quickly eliminated the advantage "Utah", but the attempt of the owners to break away immediately was stopped by a great game reserve jazz. While it wasn't out of the ordinary to see Houston play like it did, it was certainly disappointing for a Jazz team that had all the momentum.

"His mid-air decision should've been to get back on transition defense", Ingles said with a parental tone. "It all happened so fast", Glad said.

"You know that they're going to come back, it's just a question of how far and how quickly, and I thought when they cut that gap, they not only made it a game but basically took control", Snyder said.

With the series tied 1-1, Utah will now return home to Salt Lake City for Game 3 on Friday night. Mike D'Antoni called his team's performance in that second half "careless", but he said that they could play a lot better than that. It seems like this guy was getting up in Harden's face all night long, which earned him more than one talking to from the police. "He's a handful, whether he's finishing or not".

Utah, much as they did in Game 2 against the Thunder, put their best foot forward against the Rockets in Game 2.

Ingles got Utah rolling with three early 3-pointers-and then he kept them in it through Houston's third-quarter run with 13 second-half points.

Despite the taunts, which oddly enough came on Houston's home court, Harden finished with a game-high 32 points in a 116-108 loss to the Utah Jazz.

Utah enjoyed balanced scoring throughout their team as six players finished in double figures but head coach Quin Snyder singled out Ingles for praise. "He's committed to that". "We were able to make our own runs when it was our turn as well".

Obviously, you don't want to overblow a small sample, especially when Harden missed some shots that he normally makes, but Exum's defense was incredibly impactful as the Jazz pulled away in the fourth quarter. Considering how prolific the Rockets are on that end of the floor, they don't need any additional help from the Jazz. Exum defended Harden for just four possessions in Game 1, but across this two-game sample Harden is scoring 34.4 fewer points per 100 possessions when defended by Exum.

Ingles led the Jazz with 27 points, while Rudy Gobert double-doubled with 15 points, 14 rebounds and three blocks in the win.



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