Mike Pompeo does not meet with any Palestinian officials during Israel trip

Mike Pompeo Ayman Safad

Israeli troops shot and killed three Palestinian terrorists along the border with the Gaza Strip in two separate incidents on Sunday, the IDF said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed on Monday the need for Palestinians and Israelis to hold political talks, saying the "two-party solution" was likely the best outcome to the conflict. The second was taken into custody for questioning.

Discussions addressed the peace process, with the King stressing the importance of stepping up regional and worldwide efforts to relaunch serious and effective Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, based on the two-state solution leading to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian national soil, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The soldiers responded with gunfire, killing both infiltrators.

A total of 44 protesters have been killed and thousands wounded, many by live fire, in the March of Return protests, which are expected to peak in mid-May, when the Palestinians mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, which they regard as the Nakba, or catastrophe, and the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem.

Also on Sunday, a fire broke out in the Gaza border-area Kissufim forest after a kite carrying a Molotov cocktail launched from Gaza landed there.

"We do believe the Israelis have a right to defend themselves", he said.

The parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right resolution is.

Pompeo is now finishing up a tour the Middle East, his first tour after being confirmed as secretary of State last week.

"(The Mideast peace) is an incredible priority for the United States to provide whatever assistance we can to allow the two parties to come to a resolution on this incredibly long standing and important conflict", he continued.

The protests have been taking place in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, while Abbas runs the Palestinian Authority, based in the West Bank.

However, Palestine has been unwilling to cooperate with the USA after Trump announced it was moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as the capital of their own state. The White House is preparing a new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. No serious casualties have been reported on the Israeli side. "Despite global condemnation, the Israeli army has not retracted its illegal orders to shoot unarmed demonstrators". "He's directed the administration to try and fix it and if we can't fix it he's going to withdraw from the deal", Pompeo said after meeting with Netanyahu. Israel says the protesters are not peaceful and have tossed rocks and explosive devices at troops.

He said the de-escalation zone in south Syria is an example of successful cooperation between Jordan, the USA and Russian Federation that prevented further bloodshed and destruction in the area.



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