Jewish leaders describe Corbyn meeting as 'disappointing'

Earlier this week a series of Labour MPs spoke in the Commons about the abuse they had received from people who claimed to be supporters of Mr Corbyn

Speaking before a much-anticipated meeting with Jewish leaders, the Labour leader also appeared to criticise elements of the Palestinian movement for anti-Semitism for the first time, "in one of the most significant breaks from his supporters", says The Times.

The Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council say there were "disappointing missed opportunities" in the crunch talks.

He welcomed the warm words from Mr Corbyn, but was frustrated that he wouldn't even meet the simplest of requests from the Jewish community to deal with the issue.

But Andrew Gwynne, Labour's shadow communities secretary, suggested it was wrong to claim Mr Corbyn ignored requests for concrete action.

Earlier, he wrote an article for the Evening Standard admitting that "my party and I are sorry for the hurt and distress caused" from Labour's ongoing row over anti-Semitism.

Labour has been dogged by a series of incidents, including criticism last month over Mr Corbyn's comments in support of an anti-Semitic mural in 2012. But the Jewish leaders said the proposals he advanced during their meeting fell short of the minimum level of action the problem required. Further steps would be outlined "in the coming weeks".

"Words in letters and newspaper articles will never be enough", they added. Not very practical, seeing as how most customer-facing businesses stay open on bank holidays to take advantage of the extra day people get off work - much to the chagrin of their underpaid staff who just wanted to sleep for a few more hours.

The six areas of action they demanded were: "That there should be a fixed timetable to deal with anti-Semitism cases; that they should expedite the long-standing cases involving Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker; that no MP should share a platform with somebody expelled or suspended for anti-Semitism; that they adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism with all its examples and clauses; that there should be transparent oversight of their disciplinary process".

"When members of Jewish communities express genuine anxieties, we must recognise them as we would those of any other community".

"We will hold the Labour Party to account for any future failures".

However, the JC reported that informed sources in the Labour party said the meeting was "positive and constructive, serious and good humored".

He said: "To watch as these so-called social democrats tried to demean and attack, in front of our enemy, a decent and honourable man who has fought racism and anti-Semitism all his life and who has breathed life and hope back into the hearts of millions, especially the young, made my stomach churn". These included acknowledging the concerns of the community rather than dismissing them as "smears" and engaging in "a program of political education to deepen...members' understanding of what anti-Semitism is".



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