Apple Offers Free Battery Replacement to Faulty MacBook Pros

Apple Replacing 13-inch MacBook Pro Batteries: What to Do

Apple's latest battery replacement effort is related to the 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar, with laptops manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 qualifying for the program.

Apple has started to provide free battery replacement exclusively for MacBook Pro.

In order to check if you're MacBook Pro qualifies for the replacement program, Apple has set up a specific page to look up the laptop's serial number. The integrated battery will automatically expand causing burn injuries. And while some MacBook Pros have battery problems, Apple is working around the clock to resolve the issue. Simply visit Apple's Battery Replacement Program page and enter the serial number of your Pro in the box provided.

You will have to locate an Apple Authorized Service Provider to initiate an appointment at an Apple Retail Store.

The serial number, model number, and configuration details of your MacBook Pro might also appear on its receipt or invoice. Apple says it will offer a free battery replacement on all eligible models for five years from date of purchase.

Close your MacBook Pro and turn it over. Additional damage which impedes Apple's ability to replace the battery may have a cost associated with it, and Apple won't extend the standard warranty of your computer.

Before handing over the MacBook to the fix center, you should back up and wipe out all the data. HP recalled batteries from 52,600 laptops back in January due to a fire risk, then Lenovo recalled ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptops due to a similar fire risk in February, and a few days later Fujitsu did the same thing due to a fault with Panasonic-suppled batteries.



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