DICE may introduce a battle royale mode in Battlefield 5

DICE is testing a Battlefield battle royale mode – rumour

According to an anonymous source from VentureBeat, the potential mode would feature mechanics similar to Fortnite and PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, where 100 players battle each other until there's only one player or team left standing.

The news of Battlefield V's battle royale mode comes hot on the heels of reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ditching its single-player campaign to focus on its zombies mode and a new battle royale section.

And DICE is trying to see if it can get in on the action.

An unidentified source has sold VentureBeat that the rumored Battlefield battle royale mode will share some similarities with current industry leaders PUBG and Fortnite. And now, we can add this battle royale thingy to our list.

I asked EA for a comment, and the publisher declined. However, recent reports have suggested that the next Battlefield title is called Battlefield V, that it will release this year, and that the game will take place sometime during World War II.

We'll have more on Battlefield 5's battle royale mode when new details about the same are out into the open. If there's money to be made or a trend to be followed, EA won't be far behind.

If included, a battle royale mode could offer something fresh for players as the franchise returns to a World War II setting that already feels a little exhausted following last year's release of Call of Duty: WWII. EA could cancel the prototype, it could hold it off for the launch of the next Battlefield or a Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, or it could spin it out into its own game.



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