Elon Musk Reveals 'Giant Party Balloon' Plan to Return SpaceX's Launched Rockets

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The top step serves as an accelerator for rocket launch SpaceX.

The SpaceX founder dropped a thread onto Twitter Sunday night that started with the simultaneously exciting and portentous phrase "This is gonna sound insane, but..." Elon Musk, SpaceX's founder and CEO, has said that the BFR could also send people to the moon, launch satellites to low Earth orbit, clean up orbital debris and transport passengers around Earth at record speeds. The upper stage is now the only major component of the rocket that the Hawthorne, California-based aerospace company has not tried to reuse in its pursuit of a fully reusable launch vehicle. Yet he said this much that his company doesn't believe in leaving space junk left over from the rocket launches in the oceans after a landing.

According to a report by Space.com, NASA's current exoplanet hunting observatory named Kepler, has nearly exhausted its fuel supply, requiring NASA to put TESS into orbit to continue research.

SpaceX said it stood down to perform more analysis of the rocket's guidance, navigation and control system.

A giant balloon is "great for creating a giant object that retains its shape across all Mach regimes & drops ballistic coefficient by 2 orders of magnitude", Musk wrote.

SpaceX doesn't land its rockets back on Earth just because it looks cool. Recovery will require a new target closer to shore, within range of a catcher ship. SpaceX is there to collect the payloads via its Falcon 9 rockets.

Koenigsmann fielded a question asking if SpaceX would try to purposefully de-orbit the second stage of the rocket used for the TESS launch. And in 2012, the private spaceflight company Armadillo Aerospace launched an inflatable balloon parachute, or "ballute", as a part of a re-entry technology test.

Musk has referred to the boat as a giant "catcher's mitt".



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