Trump warns Russian Federation to 'get ready' for U.S. strike on Syria

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Trump launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield in April 2017 in retaliation for a chemical attack.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis took a more measured tone, saying the US and its military coalition partners were still studying intelligence on the attack.

"All the indications are that the Syrian regime was responsible", she said, adding that the United Kingdom will be working with its allies to "ensure that those who are responsible are held to account." .

If the U.S. action follows the pattern of a previous punitive strike on Syria ordered by Trump past year it will begin with a salvo of cruise missiles fired from USA warships in the Mediterranean.

The Russian army on Wednesday accused the White Helmets civil defense organization of staging a chemical weapons attack in Douma, where observers say more than 40 people died in a gas attack.

He is reportedly weighing a stronger strike than that of past year, when he ordered a strike of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on military infrastructure following reports of a chemical attack.

Trump's tweets were more belligerent - he told Russia "You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" - and declared that U.S. relations with Russia have plunged to a historic low.

"What we don't want is bombardment which leads to escalation and leads to a hot war between Russian Federation and America over the skies of Syria".

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said any U.S. missile salvo could be an attempt to destroy evidence of the reported gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma, for which Damascus and Moscow have denied any responsibility. "We're still working on this".

The Pentagon is likely planning a larger strike than what USA warships launched on April 7, 2017, in response to the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons, said a former senior Defense official familiar with planning for that attack. Trump responded then by launching Navy cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the Pentagon was ready to provide military options.

These two ships, possibly aided by a United States submarine, are likely to play a role in a strike. "Nevertheless, we hope that common sense will prevail in the end and that worldwide relations will become more constructive - that the whole global system will become more stable and predictable". Less than two weeks ago, Trump said he wanted to bring USA troops home from Syria.

The United States is consulting Britain and France about a possible military response. Trump canceled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Assad.

However, Gardner doesn't believe strong military action in Syria is the best foreign policy position for the Trump Administration.

"We are working with our allies". A senior Russian lawmaker said Wednesday that Russia would engage its warships in the Mediterranean Sea to protect Russian assets in Syria from a USA strike.

Trump's administration has sought to show toughness on Russian Federation, with a series of economic and diplomatic actions, including new sanctions last week against government officials and oligarchs.

Russian state news agencies are reporting that a high-level Russian delegation has arrived in Syria where it is going to meet with President Bashar Assad.

If such threats from the US and its allies, France and Britain, are meant to stop Damascus from fighting terrorism, "they are delusional", the statement also said.

It comes after Russian Federation and the U.S. blocked attempts by each other in the UN Security Council on Tuesday to set up worldwide investigations into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.



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