3 dead, more than 100 with severe bleeding from synthetic pot

The drugs seized by the CCB police in Bengaluru on Saturday

NY health care providers are being urged to be on high alert for severe bleeding cases that could be linked to synthetic marijuana use. According to the message, 94 people in five states who used synthetic cannabinoids have been treated since March 10, 2018, for bleeding due to coagulopathy, a blood clotting disorder. As of less than a week ago, the number of known reports was around 70.

The people who died were all men, two in their 20s and one in his 40s.

The number was 56 cases a week ago. Federal prosecutors explained U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration representatives made under cover buys of synthetic cannabinoids in Masoud's westside keep. The products are called synthetic cannabis because they are similar to chemicals found in the marijuana plant, it said. "While efforts are under way to get contaminated drugs out of circulation, it's possible they could re-emerge".

Quincy police Deputy Chief of Operations Doug VanderMaiden said officers saw a jump in synthetic cannabinoids a couple of summers ago but they have not come across it lately. It is one of the more commonly used poisons to rid rodents in the world.

The severe symptoms people are having because of the drugs include coughing up blood, blood in the urine, severe bloody nose, bleeding gums, and internal bleeding. Foil packets of the drug are often sold over the counter at convenience stores, sometimes deceptively labeled as "herbal incense" or "potpourri".

Synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, is causing violent behavior and unsafe overdoses across the country.

Illinois' synthetic pot death toll is up to three. While state law has banned numerous substances, manufacturers often change ingredients to stay a step ahead of the law.

"There is no quality control here", Reyes said in a news release."And while marijuana and cocaine are natural products that are altered to be used as drugs, these man-made drugs are designed with the goal of altering your mind and body". One death occurred in the Chicago area, while two were in central IL.

HEALTH- Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a bleeding outbreak advisory regarding synthetic marijuana.

The CDC and the IDPH are urging anyone who has a reaction to synthetic cannabinoids, including severe bleeding, to seek emergency medical treatment.



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