How the UK's new sugar tax will affect you

Fizzy drinks and packets of Haribo

It prompted some global soft drink companies, such as the manufacturer of the Scottish-revered Irn Bru, to change their recipes to dodge the tax.

Ireland was due to introduce a similar tax today before the European Commission raised concerns that the levy might break EU state aid laws.

So with the debate very much a live issuein Ireland here are the answers to some key questions about the levy and what it means for manufacturers and consumers.

Various supermarkets have reformulated their own-label soft drinks to come below the threshold of the levy. Drinks with 5g per 100ml will go up by 18p a litre - if the manufacturers pass the tax to shoppers.

The money will help fund healthy school breakfast clubs and be reinvested in sport in schools.

The main reason for imposing the tax is to reduce the health problem of obesity.

Fruit juices will not be taxed as they don't contain added sugar, and neither will drinks with a high milk content.

How much is the tax?

Prices will also rise in pubs and restaurants around the UK.

When the company revealed the change there was uproar, and people were reportedly stockpiling the drink before the tax kicked in. "These shocking figures strengthen the need for urgent investment in oral health education so that parents and children understand the impact of sugar on teeth and the importance of good oral hygiene", said Izzi Seccombe, chairman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board.

In Ireland it has been estimated that the tax could bring in €30m in 2018 and €40m over the course of a full year.

In an effort to combat rising levels of obesity among the poorest sections of society, the United Kingdom has followed Norway, France and Mexico to become the latest country to impose a sugar tax on soft drinks, with British soft drinks manufacturers being taxed on high-sugar products.

The sugar tax was announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond in his budget statement in 2017.

FactCheck's analysis of data from the NCDRisC project shows that in four countries which have had a sugary drinks tax in recent years (Mexico, France, Denmark and Hungary), average BMI (body mass index) and obesity prevalence increased or remained static, year-on-year, from 2008 to 2014.

Ireland is expected to introduce the tax in May.



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