Teen boy plunges down sewage pipe

Pixabay- File drainage pipe

"It's with happy hearts that all Los Angeles City agencies are able to state that we have found Jesse Hernandez", Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Erik Scott said Monday at a press conference announcing the rescue.

CBS News reports that Los Angeles authorities have found a 13-year-old boy who fell into drainage pipe at a park while spending Easter with his family.

Los Angeles firefighters search for Jesse Hernandez, 13, who apparently fell down a drainage pipe in Griffith Park on Sunday, April 1, 2018.

The boy was given a cellphone to contact his parents after being pulled from the pipe.

The other children immediately notified adults, who called 911, initiating a frantic and exhaustive 12-hour search of labyrinthine underground pipes using cameras propped on flotation devices.

About 2,400 feet (731 metres) of pipe had been inspected when sanitation workers finally found Jesse less than a mile from where he disappeared.

A sanitation crew was opening up a maintenance hatch near where the 134 Freeway goes under the 5 Freeway to put in a camera as part of the search, "and that's where we located Jesse Hernandez alive and talking", Scott said.

The section of pipe near where Jesse was found was so wide the teen could stand up, Scott said. He was then evaluated on scene and taken to a local hospital for further examination, according to the LAFD statement.

Police say the drainage ditch was full of water flowing at 10 to 15 miles an hour down to the Los Angeles river.

"We would like to thank the entire Hernandez family for their patience and optimism", Scott said.

"From start to finish, this was an unprecedented team effort", the fire department said. Jessica McClure's rescue captured the nation's attention in some of the first round-the-clock television coverage in the U.S. Jessica McClure was 18 months old when she fell down a 22-foot well in her backyard of her family's home in Texas. Rescuers fanned out to sites where the sewage system drains and searched chambers where Jesse may have gotten trapped.

She lost a toe because of gangrene and has a scar on her head, but otherwise survived the ordeal.



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