Stephen Colbert 'apologizes' to Trump, calls out CNN for 'lies'

Watch: Sean Penn lights up cigarette during 'laid back' appearance on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

He elaborated that during last night's show, Dana Carvey debuted his impersonation of incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton.

"Wait, I haven't seen it yet, but "Roseanne" is about the Trumps?".

"There's more news on the Stormy Daniels front-and the rest of her", Colbert said. At one point, he revealed that he actually had a conversation with Trump on the day he was sacked, though the president made no mention of his decision to him.

It took only 400 odd days, but Stephen Colbert and President Trump are finally on the same page.

Now that the smoke has been cleared out of The Late Show's studio, Stephen Colbert can think clearly again and there's something he needs to say. "I take everything back!"

It's unclear if the network ran the story under the headline Colbert claimed. Colbert was confused by Trump declaring, "And it was about us". The current headline on CNN's website reads: "Iconic "SNL" star spoofs Trump staffing pick".

"Come on, CNN - this isn't SNL", he continued, as the audience applauded and roared with laughter. Colbert explained to CNN that his show might probably stand for SNL, as "Stephen's Nightly Laughs".

Colbert then encouraged his viewers to show some respect while using the new nickname for Trump, cracking that they shouldn't address him as "Spanky", but as "President Spanky". He said, "It was a Wednesday, we tape during the day, and it's not live".

"You got three things wrong in three letters", Colbert quipped. But in the end, the Late Show host was just happy to be a part of the news cycle, saying, "Still, it's nice just to be recognized. So, thank you, MSNBC".



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