Overwatch Uprising Teaser Hints at New Event Name

Uprising Event to Kick Off on April 10th- Overwatch

The Overwatch Uprising event is ready to roll again, this year starting on April 10th.

Like last year's event, players can expect some kind of new mode alongside a bevy of new skins, emotes, and more collectible items to unlock, while also getting a chance to experience a bit more of the backstory behind the game's set of characters and their history together. The brawl was a look at one of the most important events in Overwatch lore, when Tracer, in her first mission as an Overwatch agent, helped quell the omnic uprising.

While the teaser released from Blizzard looks like the same as the one we got a year ago, there is an interesting little tidbit at the end that suggests there may be something new in the works for Uprising. With less than 2 weeks left until the start of the event, Overwatch players won't have to wait long to find out exactly what Blizzard has in plan. The event also offered several legendary skins and other event-exclusive cosmetic items.

So far, we don't have any confirmed information about Uprising beyond the date, but it's likely Blizzard will release more next week. However, it appears that Blizzard has something extra in store.

However, upon closer look, the teaser video actually contains some secret clues.

King's Row Uprising goes live on April 10th to PC, Xbox, and PS4.

In addition, the name of the event may be changed to Blackwatch Archives or simply Archives. If you notice closely, when the video glitches it references a classified "File 00274" that was recorded eight years ago. The Petras Act, which made Overwatch activity illegal, is believed to have gone into effect six years ago - one year after the hinted Blackwatch mission.



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