An April Fools Prank From A Wyoming Community College

Biscuits filled with toothpaste

Others started mocking those refusing to accept January 1 as New Year's Day and would send them on "fool's errands", which is how the practice of April Fools' day caught on.

This day calls for plenty jokes and outrages hoaxes. However, hardly anyone knew about the real reason behind why April Fool's Day is celebrated on 1st April every year and not on any other day or date.

People usually shout "April Fool's Day", when they're sure that someone has been tricked.

When was the last time you remembered pranking someone or being pranked at? The usual practice on this day is to make a fool of someone by lying to them, or making a joke that the don't understand.

Burger King perpetrated a world-famous prank when they ran a full-page advert in U.S. today in 1998 plugging the 'left-handed Whopper'.

The Italian way A fish is taped to a ‘victim’s’ back on April 1
The Italian way A fish is taped to a ‘victim’s’ back on April 1

While Chaucer probably meant 32 days after March (May 2), many readers seemingly took the line to mean March 32 - or April 1.

The first great April fool of the media age, and one that caused much uproar was featured in a 1957 episode of BBC documentary Panorama.

In 1957 the BBC aired a Panorama documentary about spaghetti crops in Switzerland, and showed a Swiss farmed picking freshly grown spaghetti.

Burger King ran an ad in USA Today announcing its new "Left-Handed Whopper", which was specially designed for left-handed burger-lovers by rotating all condiments exactly 180 degrees.



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