Look Out for a $100 Check in Your Mailbox!

You could have a $100 check in the mail from Valpak and not even know it

ValPak provides print and digital advertising and coupons for businesses and they're the ones behind this. We're giving them surprises and offers.

This time around, ValPak added a special wrap that lets people know they are a victor. The company mails 37 million envelopes each month. "There are thousands of offers monthly". She said lucky customers who find a $100 check in their envelope can just take it to any bank, sign the back and get it cashed.

Jensen said the next set of coupons goes out between April 7 and 10. "There's no catch. None". "None. We don't collect any info".

The national coupon company says it will be inserting checks worth $100 into random envelopes filled with their coupons for distribution across all 150 markets the company services. ValPak announced in December that it would mail out the checks randomly every month in 2018 in all of its 150 U.S. markets.

In a press release published on its website, Valpak said that recipients of the checks need not pay or purchase anything as the checks are meant to be cashed out.

Valpak started the promotion three years ago, however; most checks never get cashed because consumers think they're fake. Recipients from Canada will receive a voucher instead of checks that can be exchanged for $100 cash.



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