Watch your tongue‚ says prosecutor in Vicki Momberg case

'Puppy Doe' tormentor sentenced to 8-to-10 years in jail

She said Momberg's use of the k-word had stripped the police officer of his dignity and that though she had accepted responsibility for her emotional outburst, regret does not guarantee remorse.

Momberg will effectively spend two years behind bars as one year of her three-year sentence was suspended, on condition that she is not found guilty of committing a similar offence in the next three years.

This is the stern warning from prosecutor Yusuf Baba‚ the man who represented the state in the case against convicted racist estate agent Vicki Momberg.

Roets also blamed EFF leader Julius Malema for his remarks against Nelson Mandela Mayor Athol Trollip.

Baba said Momberg deserved a direct imprisonment sentence as he had hurled racial slurs a few times.

Her tirade was caught on camera. "To ask for direct imprisonment takes a lot from any person and this case warranted direct imprisonment".

"Respect for one another is sacrosanct, we are all human beings", said Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan, while handing over her sentence.

In case you forgot about Momberg, this is the video clip that went viral.

During sentencing proceedings, Momberg's lawyer argued she should receive psychiatric treatment, not punishment. He was sentenced in Norfolk Superior Court. "I do not want a black person to assist me", she shouted.

Momberg has previously objected to her photographs taken‚ but she could not avoid the spot light on Wednesday as the court sent her to jail.

The court said that Momberg was found to have been in a state of mind where she could appreciate the wrongfulness of her actions, and was able to target her abuse at her victims.



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