Mayor, police chief announce internal investigation beginning in Alton Sterling shooting

AG Jeff Landry Cannot proceed with prosecution of Officer Lake and Officer Salamoni

Two White police officers won't be charged in the 2016 shooting death of Alton Sterling, the Louisiana attorney general said Tuesday.

A pair of white police officers in Baton Rouge, La., will not be prosecuted by the state authorities in a fatal shooting of a black man there nearly two years ago.

Attorney General Landry's spokeswoman declined comment on a planned meeting Tuesday morning with relatives of Sterling, saying only that it will have an update at a news conference Tuesday on the investigation into his 2016 shooting death.

Landry said that Sterling had illicit drugs in his system.

Read Attorney General Jeff Landry's statement on his decision not to charge police officers in Sterling's killing below.

The same report also said Sterling's autopsy showed he had been shot six times - three times in the chest and three more times in his back - and all six bullets were recovered from his body.

"It is reasonable that Mr".

The Baton Rouge Department has not yet announced the outcome of its internal affairs investigation which could include disciplinary action for the officers.

The Triple S Food Mart where Alton Sterling was shot by police on July 5, 2016, in Baton Rouge, La. Their suit alleges the shooting fit a pattern of racist behavior and excessive force by the Baton Rouge police.

The struggle was captured on cellphone videos that quickly went viral, igniting protests nationwide.

After the July 2016 shooting, both officers were placed on paid administrative leave, meaning they would still be compensated for 40-hour work weeks while the department investigated their action.

"The people of this parish have been civil in their reaction to a long and frustrating process from federal and state authorities and now of course citizens of this parish have every right to peacefully and publicly protest", she said. Sterling's five children filed a wrongful death lawsuit last summer.

Sterling's killing occurred amid national outrage at deadly violence from law enforcement that disproportionately impacted minorities in the US.

Hillar Moore, East Baton Rouge district attorney, recused himself from any state criminal investigation into Sterling's death, citing his professional relationship with Salamoni's parents, who have served as police officers in Baton Rouge.

After the Justice Department said in May 2017 it would not pursue charges, Landry said he would launch a state probe into the shooting.

In May 2017, federal prosecutors found there wasn't enough evidence to warrant civil rights charges against Officers Blane Salamoni, who shot Sterling, and Howie Lake II.

"It takes fight for justice; we didn't see that in this situation", family attorney Chris Stewart said.

Landry said he had met with Sterling's family before announcing his decision not to bring criminal charges and understood that the family probably would not agree with his findings. Lake shocked Sterling with a stun gun before the officers wrestled him to the ground, according to federal investigators. Before the fatal shooting, one of the officers can be heard yelling, "He's got a gun!"

The shooting came amid increased scrutiny of fatal encounters between police and black men. The death of Clark, who was holding an iPhone at the time that police said they mistook for a gun, has given way to extended protests in that city.



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