Elon Musk joins #deletefacebook boycott, removes SpaceX and Tesla pages from site

Elon Musk removes Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages in protest

Elon Musk had the official Tesla and SpaceX company Facebook pages deactivated after being challenged by his followers to have the pages taken down amid the #deletefacebook movement.

The space developer and billionaire at first did not realize that SpaceX even had a Facebook page. Acton's tweet consisted of the hashtag #deletefacebook. Musk regularly posts photos on Instagram, giving his almost 7 million followers an inside look at his everyday life.

Many users have been supporting the campaign, but it is unclear how many users have so far deleted their Facebook accounts in protest of the data scandal.

While quibbling on Twitter with some of his followers, Elon Musk was dared to remove his companies' Facebook pages after asking "What's Facebook?" - so he promptly did just that.

By midday, several headlines read "Elon Musk deletes Tesla, SpaceX Facebook pages".

"What's Facebook?" Musk tweeted back.

Elon Musk, the prolific CEO of space-exploration startup SpaceX and electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, has joined the #DeleteFacebook movement.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal continued to take its toll on Facebook on Friday as verified SpaceX and Tesla pages on the social network disappeared and speaker company Sonos made a decision to pull its ads off several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, for a week.

The actor Jim Carrey became one of the first public figures to support the #DeleteFacebook movement when, on February 8, he tweeted that he was selling his Facebook stock and deleting his account because Facebook "profited from Russian interference in our elections and they're still not doing enough to stop it".

New reporting on Cambridge Analytica has spurred massive public outcry from users and politicians, with even CEO Mark Zuckerberg calling it a "breach of trust".

Musk doesn't have a personal Facebook page, which may be down to the animosity between him and his counterpart Mark Zuckerberg.

Asked about his continued use of Instagram, Musk tweeted: "It's borderline".

When asked about the company's accounts on Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram, Musk said the service was "probably ok, so long as it stays fairly independent". "Also, we don't advertise or pay for endorsements, so. don't care".

Last year, a war of words broke out between Musk and Zuckerberg over whether robots will become smart enough to kill their human creators.



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