Stephen Hawking Submitted Paper Days Before His Death

3_14_Stephen Hawking

From this theory emerges another theory of the existence of many "Big Bang", each of which created its own universe, resulting in a multiverse. Prior to the physicist's ground-breaking discovery, black holes were assumed to be so dense that they even pull in light; nothing can escape the gravitational pull of black holes.

Thomas Hertog, the co-author of the research paper said, "he has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won it".

It's one of the questions that had preoccupied the mind of Stephen Hawking, the world's most well-known scientist, up until his death last week.

In the "No boundary theory" devised with James Hartle, the duo talked about how the earth came into being during the Big Bang.

The 76 years old cosmologist, submitted a research paper titled: A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation; two weeks before he bid farewell to the world.

"This was Stephen: to boldly go where Star Trek fears to tread", Hertog told the British newspaper Sunday Times. Actually proving this is the case is well out of humanity's scientific grasp, but Hawking's work could one day lead to indisputable proof that we are living in one of an infinite number of universes much like ours. The paper discusses the possibilities of a deep space probe equipped with the right instruments and sensors that will gaze upon and capture data about the background radiation of the universe dating back to its origin which can explain the existence of parallel universes that lies alongside universe.

In the paper, Hawking along with professor of theoretical physics at KU Leuven University, Belgium explored how these other universes can be found using a probe on a spaceship. The report claims that some scientists believe that Hawking's ideas could be ground-breaking for cosmology because it is the first testable theory. However, the duo has worked out ways to actually prove that there are indeed ways to scientifically test for other realities around us. Unfortunately for the late Hawking, the prize has never been awarded posthumously, and therefore he would be ineligible for the honor despite his wealth of work in the field.

Because Nobel Prizes can not be awarded posthumously, Hawking will never be recognized.



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