New Follow-Up Mode keeps Alexa active for, well, follow up questions

Amazon says it's aware that some Echo devices are creepily laughing at people and it's working on a fix

Follow-up mode works by allowing ALexa to continue listening for up to give seconds after an initial command is made.

Available only in the U.S., the new feature is called "Follow-Up Mode", and when it's turned on, you can make more requests without having to repeat the "Alexa" wake word. The follow-up mode won't work, however, if Alexa isn't "confident you're speaking to her", according to Amazon. If you don't, she'll just go back to sleep automatically without saying anything else.

Even if she occasionally laughs creepily at you for no reason, Alexa is still a pretty helpful digital assistant.

Several people who own Amazon's Echo speakers have reported a unusual bug: The Alexa voice assistant has been laughing for apparently no reason. There are some interesting kinks here that Amazon may have to iron out.

"Every time Alexa laughs, an angel dies", entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk joked in a Twitter exchange on the development. For example, one would not be able to ask Alexa to change the temperature and turn off the lights in the same breath but can make one request and back it up with another without needing to repeat "Alexa". To end the conversation and be sure it has ended, you can still end the interaction with a "stop" or "thank-you". Choose a device and scroll down to the newly added "Follow-Up Mode" toggle.

Not anymore. Follow-Up Mode changes all that.

CNET says that the follow-up mode setting is opt-in and is available for all device in the Echo lineup, as well as some third-party Echo devices. The feature is only available for U.S. English and won't work when listening to music, streaming an audiobook or making a call. This is going to be a great aid to numerous people that use Alexa because, at certain points, one feels the need to stop the conversation if other things intervene.



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