U.S. readies 'largest' sanctions

US Sanctions Nine Chinese Firms for North Korea Ties

President Donald Trump announced the "heaviest" ever set of US sanctions against North Korea on Friday as his administration redoubles its effort to starve Pyongyang of resources and force the isolated regime to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

The UN Security Council has imposed three sets of sanctions on North Korea in the previous year in order to deprive the reclusive state of funds for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the White House later in the day, Trump said he would move to "phase two" if sanctions don't work, without going into details.

And if the sanctions do not work? The advisory also alerts industries to North Korea's deceptive shipping practices.

Mnuchin said the number of sanctions steps taken by the United States against Pyongyang since 2005 was now 450 with approximately half imposed in the past year. Her trip comes less than two weeks after Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un's younger sister, visited the South and largely overshadowed U.S. vice president Mike Pence.

President Trump went further, declaring in a speech Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference that it was "the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before".

Mnuchin said the sanctions shine a spotlight on the practices employed by the North Korean government to falsify identifying information on ships and hide illicit cargo.

USA experts are developing legal arguments for doing more to stop sanctions-busting vessels, citing the last UN Security Council resolution which they say opened the door by calling on states to inspect suspect ships on the high seas or in their waters.

The United States has led an global campaign to tighten sanctions on North Korea to force it to give up its development of weapons and missiles program.

In the past, the United States has gone after ships suspected of transporting missiles and nuclear proliferation material. "Those who trade with North Korea do so at that their own peril". "And they don't care whether they work with the United States".

Trump said the USA has "tremendous support all around the world" and that he hopes the sanctions will achieve their goal of convincing the North to denuclearize.

North Korea earned $200 million in revenue a year ago from exports of coal, iron, steel and other banned commodities, the report said.

The latest USA position, outlined by Vice President Mike Pence, is that the White House remains open to negotiations but that it will also keep up its campaign to diplomatically and economically isolate North Korea.

In 2017, the Security Council unanimously imposed three sets of economic sanctions on North Korea, all stronger than the others: August 5 (iron, coal, fishing ...), September 11 (textile, limited oil deliveries) and December 22 (refined petroleum products in particular).

"Active dialogue is being held between the South and the North amid the North's participation in the Olympics", Moon said, according to the Yonhap news agency. At a dinner with Moon at Seoul's presidential Blue House, Ivanka Trump said the United States wanted to 'reaffirm our commitment to our maximum pressure campaign to ensure that the Korean Peninsula is denuclearised'. US officials said that Trump had discussed the action with Moon ahead of the announcement in Washington.

She claimed USA success in steering three rounds of successively tighter worldwide sanctions at the U.N. Security Council over the past year. That's a reduction from the 4.5 million barrels North Korea imported in 2016.

He also addressed the possibility of a naval blockade on North Korea, which the isolationist regime has previously said would be considered an act of war.



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