TN Dept of Health says "GET A FLU SHOT!"

Flu killed 22 American children last week

Anne Schuchat, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Post that she is awaiting more information about the level of people affected. "But it is a signal of how very intense the flu season has been". They are based on relatively small numbers of people and they are considered preliminary. In addition to H3N2, influenza B-type viruses are also on the rise - though they are not as severe as H3N2.

From January 29 to February 10, nearly 4,000 flu vaccines have been administered to Louisianans at no cost to the public as part of the Department's efforts to make vaccines available to as many people as possible.

Healthy Schools provides healthcare services to prevent widespread illnesses and keep children healthy and in school. So why does this season's flu seem more ruthless than others? Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD, underscored this effectiveness by sharing that tragically, three-quarters of the 63 children who have died from influenza infections this year in the United States were not vaccinated.

With cases of an extraordinarily unsafe strain of the influenza virus steadily on the rise and showing no signs of peaking, one thing is on the decline; the availability of Tamiflu, the medicine prescribed to help fight the virus's symptoms and shorten its affects. And it was 42 percent effective against Type B flu viruses.

The vaccines were most effective for children, and there was a 59% reduction in illnesses among them who were ages six to 8 years old, the CDC found.

That includes people 65 and older, a group that tends to suffer the highest hospitalization and death rates during H3N2 seasons. "There is an adequate supply of flu vaccine". The sooner flu-positive patients receive treatment, the better.

"We don't take any chances and if anyone has been exposed to the illness, we encourage them to wear a mask while at the facility", she said. She did say in an email, however, that while the district has "certainly had people say they were sick from the flu, fortunately I think it hasn't been as bad as some other areas we've heard about, at least as far as I know". But if you've stopped by the facility recently, the first thing you'd see is a sign saying "stop", warning all who aren't feeling well to stay away.

"We get those samples, (we bring) them back to our lab here, (we grow) the virus and (isolate) the virus in culture", Scotch said. But the viruses can mutate in the eggs, and researchers are finding vaccine from the egg-grown viruses is not a good match to the H3N2 flu bugs in people. Flu vaccines usually work better against H1N1 viruses, which are also circulating.



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