Sea of Thieves Won't Have a Character Creator

Sea of Thieves - Sea of Thieves for Windows 10 - Let's Talk About Specs

This lines up with the information uncovered by dataminers during the beta, as a premium shop is hidden within the game's code. As you'd expect, the revelation sparked a number of questions.

Sea of Thieves will launch without microtransactions, but will add them in its first major content update, planned for around three months after release - but they'll be for cosmetic rewards only, and won't feature loot boxes.

In the interview Rare's development team was also present which allowed for an explanation into what Skeleton Forts will be in the full game. I really want to believe in them. There is also a limited-edition wireless controller for £65, and a bundle with a Sea of Thieves-themed 2TB external hard drive with the exclusive gamepad for £150. 2017 saw a number of high-profile video games come under fire for their loot boxes - chief among them Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Microsoft and game developer Rare unveiled a wide range of specifications that could run the game on a PC, including the quality of the gaming experience that the set of hardware could deliver. So if I've got a cat, I can pick up it up and look at it, or you can pick it up and run off with it. "That said, he affirmed that "...there will never be loot crates in Sea of Thieves".

"We thought that", responded Timmins with a nod, "and then one of our testers - well, there's a mod you can get on PC where you take any game and turn it into a working VR game - and dear God the moment you hit a big wave it's just like 'whoa!' So we put that to bed pretty quick". Once you've sailed from one edge of the map to the other, gathered a few treasure chests and battled with a dozen or so players on the open sea, what would keep you coming back for more? How it'll fare once it actually arrives next month is anyone's guess, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the trickle of information every so often that helps us figure out what the final version will be like. But Sea of Thieves "is an impressive return to form" for the studio. We want to add stuff in that's completely optional and just adds to the fun. Additionally, Rare will let you reroll the pirate generator carousel an infinite number of times until you find the pirate that's right for you. "It doesn't affect power and it doesn't affect progression". They are listed on the Sea of Thieves website, with the PC design lead noting that Rare has worked with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA over more than a year to nail down what they have to offer today. Rare has an ambitious post-launch update plan, which involves new legendary voyages, new trading companies and more.

"Ultimately, as long as you've got Windows 10, you've got access to Sea of Thieves. The advantage for us is we build one game that goes to many devices, that's all wrapped up into crossplay, Xbox Play Anywhere, game pass, to give players more choice".



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