VLC's new 3.0 supports 8K video, HDR, and even Chromecast

VLC 3.0 running a 4K video on Windows.                  VLC

Code-named after Terry Pratchett's fictional Lord Vetinari, VLC 3.0 will offer the new features across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple TV and Chrome OS (along with Windows, Mac and Linux systems). If the media codec you're trying to play is natively supported by the Chromecast, your device will only act as a streaming server. Having said that, the developers had to work rigorously to add this new feature and VLC Android developer Geoffrey Métais has further explained that the hard part about Chromecast support was converting local media files to play nice with Google's preferred format.

VLC Media Player has been updated to version 3.0, "Vetinari".

We're looking at HDR10 support, and hardware-accelerated 4K/8K video on everything from smartphones, to PCs. The app supports HDR tone-mapping, HDR on all supported videos and will also allow you tostream content directly to Google Chromecast devices connected to your HDTV. The feature is still in beta and is expected to improve over time. You can turn any Android device into ...

VLC 3.0 is also now network-enabled. On Windows, this means HEVC decoding using DXVA2 and D3D11, while on Android, HEVC decoding is done using OMX and MediaCodec. VideoLAN has said that the Chromecast support is now in beta, so everything might not work perfectly. Media files can be dropped on to the VLC icon from other applications and right-clicking the program will open the context menu. By just saying 'play [artist/album/song] with VLC' Google Assistant can recognize the album, artist, or song name and play it using VLC. In terms of the improvements, the new VLC version packs faster seek in videos, fixes for delete on Android Oreo devices, performance enhancements and fixed artists/Album classification.

Other major added features include 3D audio support, audio passthrough for HD audio codecs, and support for browsing NAS drives.



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