Rihanna Reunites With French President Emmanuel Macron for Global Education Funding

Rihanna tweets at world leaders seeks $3.1b to fund education

Rihanna, a global ambassador for GPE was also at the conference, which was also attended by the presidents of seven African nation.

"This is a fight that we are never going to stop fighting until every boy and every girl has access to education", said Rihanna.

Macron and Rihanna previously met in Paris last summer, where the two discussed education and her charitable foundation to promote education worldwide.

The French leader told delegates that countries where the world had witnessed "democracy being rolled back", were also where "girls were being pushed out of school".

"We're hoping that the conference marks the moment that momentum shifts globally on education and education financing", said GPE chair Julia Gillard. She called for the U.K.to pledge £380 million ($542 million), Australia to contribute AUD$200 million ($160 million) and France to pitch in €250 million ($312 million) by end of business today.

The meeting occurred after Rihanna challenged Macron on Twitter to join her in her efforts to boost education in poor countries, particularly war-torn regions.

Partner countries in the GPE scheme are required to earmark 20 percent of their national budgets for education - a tough goal for developing nations battling jihadists or civil conflicts.

Macron will visit the northern Senegalese city of Saint Louis on Saturday, which is threatened by coastal erosion.

A coalition of 30 Islamic groups calling itself No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality says the Global Partnership for Education conference, starting today in Dakar, is just a front for a gathering of Freemasons, who want to push an LGBT agenda on the continent.

Jeune Afrique quotes Senegal's interior minister as saying he will ensure the safety of all conference attendees.



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