Battle for Azeroth Set to Release This Summer

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft's new expansion, The Battle for Azeroth, will be launching this summer and is available for pre-order. The Standard Edition will be available for $49.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition will be $69.99.

In addition there are the new Allied Races to play as, a new Heart of Azeroth artifact which unlocks new powers in your equipment, and of loads of new content and associated rewards to keep you busy your way to the new level cap of 120.

Battle for Azeroth is set to be the next big expansion since Legion and will see both the Alliance and the Horde, who previously came together to take down the Legion, at logger-heads once again, however this time they're seeking the help from several allies to become the true victors of Azeroth. These races include the Highmountain tauren, Lightforged draenei, Nightborne, and Void elves. As such, you'll Level 110 characters for the Alliance and Horde in order to fully unlock all four races. These include the Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) and Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) mounts, along with Tottle, a baby Tortollan pet. Pre-sales are now open and give you the chance to get a taste for the new Allied Races being introduced in the expansion. The Zandalari Trolls and Dark Iron Dwarves will not be available until players have actually played through Battle for Azeroth's leveling experience. And finally, the Overwatch bonuses are Horde- and Alliance-themed voice lines for Torbjorn, along with emotes for Tracer.

-Hearthstone®: After a rough day on the front, rest up at the tavern and play a few hands of Hearthstone with your hot new Azeroth Is Burning card back.

StarCraft II: Horde and Alliance sprays will let you cover the map while declaring your allegiance.

Heroes of the Storm: Roar onto the Battlegrounds of the Nexus riding your Primal Flamesaber, a fiery new mount with three variants. Details on the specific items and pricing will be announced later.



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