Rare lunar eclipse offers glimpse of 'super blue blood moon'

A rare'super blue blood moon is set to appear in the skies over Australia

Moreover, it is going to be the first blue moon eclipse in 2018, and this is why many are calling it as "Super Blue Blood Moon".

SUPER: And as for the "super" part, that only means it'll appear a bit bigger and brighter than usual. People in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand will be able to view it during moonrise on the evening of January 31, according to NASA.

And because the moon will be setting as the eclipse begins, you better get a good spot ahead of time.

The lunar event is when a supermoon, a red moon and a blue moon happen at the same time.

Tomorrow morning there will be a lunar trifecta: the super blue blood moon.

The next blue moon in the Netherlands will be on March 31 but it will be 2037 before there are two blue moons in the same year again.

It does not happen regularly, so you probably heard the phrase "once in a blue moon".

"We are just weeks away from the 70th year since that pivotal time". A supermoon happens when a full moon is at or near perigee, the point in the moon's monthly orbit when it's closest to Earth.

According to the meteorological department, lunar eclipse in Pakistan will start at 3:51pm.

The eclipse will be visible throughout India, most of North America, eastern Asia, Australia and the Pacific Ocean.

The super blood blue moon lunar eclipse can be seen throughout the world overnight from January 30 to early January 31.

According to the article on NASA's website, at 4:51 a.m. CST the penumbra - or lighter part of Earth's shadow - will touch the Moon.By about 6:15 a.m. CST the Earth's reddish shadow will be clearly noticeable on the Moon.

Skies should be clear Wednesday morning, allowing for optimal sky conditions, but Central Texans may run into a problem when viewing the eclipse: time of day.

Have you ever wondered where the ice cream flavor Blue Moon got it's name?

Boyle says the Earth sees two to three lunar eclipses per year and how much you see of the eclipse depends on where you live.

By 7:38 a.m., the moon will start entering the most full phase of the eclipse.

The partial eclipse will begin in the London area around 6:48 a.m.



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