Don't Miss This Celestial Triplet: a Blue Moon, Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse

Украинцы станут свидетелями кровавого лунного затмения

A blue moon is really just the second full moon of the month, and on January 31 it will be eclipsed while taking on a breathtaking shade of red as it perfectly aligns with the Earth and sun, which explains the term blood moon. But twice in each lunar cycle, the moon does cross into our planet's orbital plane.

The full moon this coming Wednesday is considered a blue moon because it will be the second full moon in the same month, which typically only happens once a year.

The celestial event will involve a blue moon that's also supermoon. Like the solar eclipse that spellbound Americans in August previous year, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, Earth, and sun exactly align. When the sun, earth and moon align in a straight line during full moon, it makes earth block the light from the sun from reaching the Moon.

A blood moon occurs during a lunar eclipse, when the moon moves into the Earth's shadow.

The moonrise time in the Qatar sky that Wednesday is 5.17pm, while the moon's setting time on Thursday morning in 6.50am, QCH has explained.

Where the moon is covered by the Earth's shadow, known as the period of totality, it will last just over one and a quarter hours, according to EarthSky.

The supermoon competes with seasonal lights in Wells, England, on January 1. The institute also said the colour of the moon depends on the nature and quantity of the dust particles, water droplets and aerosols present in the earth's atmosphere during the time. We'll actually have another blue moon in March; February won't have one at all. Think of it as moon "wobble" that results in the moon getting even closer and giving us a really big super moon. By the way, the whole double blue moon thing only happens about four times a century and not again until 2037. With most months longer than 29.5 days, it occasionally works out that we have two full moons. Stargazers will need to wait until May 18, 2019, for a blue moon that fits this older, original definition.

First, the moon that morning will be a "supermoon", since it's occurring near a perigee, or a time in the moon's orbit when it is closest to the Earth. The first supermoon of 2018 which took place on New Year's Day was previously described by NASA as the "biggest and brightest" one expected for the entire year. The moon doesn't travel in a circle around the earth, but rather travels in an egg shape. Because of its closeness, it's expected to appear 13 percent wider and 28 percent larger than it did during it did on January 15, when the orb was at its furthest point from Earth. The moon orbits about once per month, so the supermoon could happen every month. The distinction is usually hard to notice unless you're looking at two pictures side by side.

"Nolle simply gave it a sexy name", Boyle says.

And it's a "blood moon" because it will pass through the Earth's shadow, a lunar eclipse. During that time, the moon will appear in the sky with a reddish tint to it, which is commonly referred to as a blood moon.



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