Senators strike a deal re-opening government after 69 hours

US Shutdown

But the deal only funds the government through February 8, setting off a new race to resolve a deepening divide over immigration.

"Today's cave by most Senate Democrats was ... a stunning display of moral and political cowardice", said Democracy for America, just one of several such groups bashing Schumer for the stand-down on Monday. I, along with UT institution presidents, strongly believe in the benefits of DACA and encourage Congress to act quickly to continue the program.

The Senate approved the continuing resolution by an 81-18 margin, with most Democrats voting in favor. While this vote does not end the government shutdown immediately, it is a good sign that it will be passed in the House of Representatives this afternoon. That followed a government shutdown in 1995-1996 that ended after almost a month, with Republicans receiving nothing from then-President Bill Clinton.

- Phil Mattingly (@Phil_Mattingly) January 22, 2018tbd.

Without a guarantee that the House will take up the expiring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi voted no. But there were deep divides in the Democratic caucus over strategy, as red-state lawmakers fighting for their survival broke with progressives looking to satisfy liberals' and immigrants' demands.

As the Senate convened for the day, the chamber's top Democrat Chuck Schumer announced that members of his party would vote with ruling Republicans to end the shutdown on day three, after a weekend of frustrating talks on Capitol Hill.

But many have expressed dissatisfaction with Mr Schumer's handling of the shutdown, which began on midnight on Friday. "When government shuts down, it represents the ultimate failure to govern". "When we tried it, it didn't work well for us", GOP Sen. "Here's what I predict".

President Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically quieter, resisting an impulse to dominate the news cycle on any issue and piled on pressure on Democrats accusing them of "turning down services and security for citizens in favour of services and security for non-citizens (the DACA beneficiaries)".

The long-delayed, six-year renewal of a popular health insurance program for children in low-income families.

Despite getting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to allow debate on the immigration issue, Democrats faced immediate backlash within their own ranks for not pushing harder on the immigration law. The vote is now pushed to Monday at noon. This morning, Senator McConnell argued passionately "Every day we spend arguing about keeping the lights on is another day we can not spend negotiating DACA or defense spending or any of our other shared priorities". So we're going to have to start on a new basis, and so the wall offer is off the table", he said.

"The reason the Republican majority had such difficulty finding consensus is they could never get a firm grip on what the president of their party wanted to do", he said.

"In a few hours, the government will reopen", Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said ahead of the vote. Democrats refused last week to support another short-term government funding extension. In return, Senate Republican leaders promised to soon take up immigration and other prickly issues. "We have a lot to do". He tweeted a call for McConnell to invoke the so-called "nuclear option" and thereby remove leverage for Senate Democrats.

"However, should these issues not be resolved by the time the funding bill before us expires on February 8th, 2018, assuming that the government remains open, it would be my intention to proceed to legislation that would address DACA, border security and related issues", he said. "Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down", said an automated message from the White House's comment line.

"I realize there's a trust deficit up here generally, but I think one of the first steps to regaining that trust is for the leader to make that commitment and follow through on it", Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said, noting that McConnell's pledge to Democrats is "all they're gonna get".



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