Ask the doctor: flu deaths, flu epidemic, and back pain

Ohio County elementary student dies from the flu

A few years ago, you may remember we were hit by the H1N1 virus.

The vaccine will not make recipients sick because the flu shot is a dead virus, according to the email. We encourage folks to continue to receive their flu shots. Our infection control manager is telling us that initially we are seeing a 10-30 percent efficacy rate for the vaccination.

While there is now no universal flu vaccine - one that protects against all strains of the flu - and getting the flu shot doesn't guarantee you won't catch it, it's still an important yearly practice to protect yourself and those around you.

You can also take other protective measures like disinfecting leashes, toys and bowls and washing your hands when you get home.

Public health officials track influenza deaths only for those 18 and younger, and Katie O'Donnell, spokeswoman for the Larimer County Health Department, said her agency was alerted Friday of a possible pediatric flu death.

Dr. Riley: Influenza strains generally come in two main flavors: Influenza A and influenza B. Influenza A tends to cause most of the illness and most of the more serious illness.

People may first have a headache "more in the front of your head or behind your eyes", with other symptoms being a fever of at least 103 degrees, chills, sweats and body aches. Everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every season, D.O.H. said.

The influenza virus, commonly known as the flu, has managed to blanket the entire U.S in what experts are referring to as the most far-reaching outbreak in recent memory.

The emergency room is meant for people who are very sick.

He's encouraging people to get the flu shot if they haven't already done so already.

William Mercer reports the child, a student at Ritchie Elementary School in Wheeling, died of Influenza A.

Widespread flu activity, which is the highest level of activity, has been reported in Kentucky for the past six weeks. There have been 340 flu-related hospitalizations this flu season compared to 190 for the entire 2016-17 season.

The CDC announced January 12 - for the first time in 13 years since its influenza monitoring began - every part of the continental United States exhibited "widespread" flu activity since January 6.



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