Apple Rumored to Kill MacBook Air, Launch New 13-inch MacBook

Apple Mac Book Air

As its least expensive laptop offering, the 13-inch MacBook Air received a modest refresh past year - albeit to an already outdated, 5th generation Intel "Haswell" CPU.

It will be launched sometime during the second half of this year, according to DigiTimes, which is well-known for leaking Apple-related news and having deep industry sources, though it also has a so-so track record.

General Interface Solution (GIS) is expected to land more LCM (LCD module) orders from Apple for the new notebook.

MacBook Pro devices of Apple witnessed a huge fix in 2016 since the firm rolled out them along with Touch Bars for enhanced productivity. Apple has previously hinted that the thinner and lighter MacBook Pro [pictured above] could replace the Air. It still, though, features a non-Retina display and an outdated design.

Now, no-one's going to mistake the Chromebook Spin 11 for a MacBook. To keep this viable for a little longer, Apple bumped the base model's processor from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 in June 2017 but there has only been minor updates since it's last major revision way back in March 2015. But if the new report from Digitimes is anything to consider, there might not be a huge upgrade in MacBooks this year as well.

Similarly, the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro - which still has physical function keys rather than the Touch Bar touchscreen strip - was positioned as a MacBook Air alternative. Apple's long-term aim was to replace the MacBook Air with the 12-inch MacBook but sales of the Air have remained strong thanks to its affordability. The company became a supplier for Apple in the fourth quarter of 2017.



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