There's plenty of work that won't get done during a shutdown

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A partial government shutdown is possible Friday night, January 19.

The shutdown could still be avoided. But as of Friday morning, the Senate still appeared short of the votes needed to pass the measure. If the shutdown goes past February 1, however, pay checks will be delayed.

The US government shut down at midnight Friday, the 18th such event in modern US history. And who are the political winners and losers?

"Their health care could be reduced".

Federal parks and monuments were totally locked down in the 2013 shutdown, producing iconic photos of aged veterans denied entrance to a World War II memorial and vacationers being turned away from national parks. Congress extensively reviewed each budget bill, and every year during my time in D.C., the Senate and House passed yearly budgets.

The nickname seemed to die down, after President Trump called Schumer to the White House early Friday afternoon to try and get a compromise.

Additionally, Democrats could filibuster any spending bill in the Senate that does not meet their demands.

The shutdown in Washington takes on a further local flavor with the fact that, on Friday morning, Republican leaders were calling it the "Schumer Shutdown", after the Senate minority leader who's negotiating the terms of the spending measure, NY senior senator Charles Schumer.

But Trump was incorrect to state a government shutdown would equate to "shutting down our military".

Legislation: Congress would continue to operate, as they work to end a shutdown, although the Capitol may not be open to tours.

There have been 12 shutdowns since 1981, Bloomberg reports, lasting from one day to 21 days.

Talk of a partial government shutdown won't put the almost 9-year-old bull market on the endangered species list.

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller would also remain open, according to a Department of Justice spokesman, who says all employees are considered exempt and would continue their operations. That's what happened in 2013.

"We fully expect the government to remain open, however in the event of a shutdown, national parks will remain as accessible as possible", a spokesman for the National Parks Service said.

What parts of the government stopped functioning? Veterans services Most services offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs would continue.

NATIONAL PARKS: National parks closed and overnight visitors were given two days to depart, resulting in a loss of 750,000 daily visitors, according to the nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association.

How many workers were furloughed? About half of the federal employee workforce, however, could be furloughed - sent home without pay. The Federal Aviation Administration, while providing the "essential" duty of air traffic control, is going to furlough just, allowing the majority of the agency to function as normal.

Federal government programs and services benefiting millions of Americans are in jeopardy due to a potential government shutdown and steep cuts in non-defense spending, the head of the largest union representing federal government workers told Congress. "For example, this means that roads that have already been open will remain open (think snow removal) and some vaulted toilets (wilderness type restrooms) will remain open, however services that require staffing and maintenance such as campgrounds, full service restrooms, and concessions will not be operating".

Who won and who lost? Republicans led by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, intent on slashing the budget, forced a three-week shutdown in a bid to coerce President Bill Clinton to sign onto a balanced budget agreement.

Not so much this time.



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