President Trump asked doctor for cognitive test


Jackson describes Trump as "very sharp" and "very articulate when he speaks to me".

President Trump, speaking on November 14, 2017.

Jackson also noted that Trump has abstained from alcohol and tobacco for his entire life, which contributed to his relatively good health.

Jackson, who has been the lead White House doctor since 2013 and oversaw two of Obama's physicals, told media members Tuesday that 12 other doctors consulted on Trump's examination, which lasted more than three hours.

Trump took office at age 70, making him the oldest incoming USA president. He did say that Trump would benefit from losing 10 to 15 pounds from a combination of improving his diet and starting an exercise regimen.

He scored a 30/30 on the test, Jackson said, and there was 'no indication that he has cognitive issues'. Trump did not rule out signing a short-term spending measure by a Friday deadline to prevent a shutdown.

The president is otherwise healthy-except that, at 239 pounds and 6-feet, 3-inches-tall, he is one pound away from being categorized as obese.

But reporters were most incredulous about how Jackson, who has been observing Trump for a calendar year, could conclude the often-erratic, self-wounding (politically) president is mentally fit for the job.

Trump's body mass index, or BMI, of 29.9 puts him in the category of being overweight for his height.

Trump does take Crestor to lower his cholesterol, daily aspirin for heart health, Propecia for male pattern baldness, a skin cream for rosacea and a daily multivitamin. Any score of 26 or above on the ten-minute, 30-point exam is considered normal.

Despite the diet and cholesterol concerns, Jackson stressed that Trump's "cardiac health is excellent".

Despite some tests showing his heart to have a regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds, Trump also underwent a scan for calcium-containing plaque in the blood that could clog his heart.

Critics wondered aloud about Trump's ability to perform his duties, as some psychiatrists around the country ignored their profession's stricture against making assessments in the absence of a personal exam to suggest that Trump had dementia.

The irony of the Trump administration pointing to a test devised by an immigrant was not lost on Nasreddine, whose family came to Canada during Lebanon's civil war.

Cognitive assessments aren't routine in standard physicals, though they recently became covered in Medicare's annual wellness visits for seniors.



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