Lebanon Allows Spielberg's New Film After Long-Time Ban


Most of Spielberg's subsequent films have, however, been shown in Lebanon without problems - except that his name was blacked out from the poster advertising "The Adventures of Tintin".

Lebanon has banned screenings of The Post, the latest movie to be directed by Steven Spielberg, because of his links to Israel, according to reports in the Middle Eastern country and Hollywood.

As Lebanon bans this movie and continues to slander and incite hatred against the Jewish state, Lebanese moviegoers need to hear The Post's stirring message of freedom more than ever, that truth should never be feared, that we should all think for ourselves and not be blindly led into war or conflict or hatred. Lebanese laws place sanctions on artistic content created by people connected to Israel. The matter has now been transferred to Lebanon's Minister of Interior and Municipalities, who could still overturn the decision. The Post, starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and focusing on the publication of the Pentagon Papers, was scheduled to premiere in Beirut on January 18.

"We think this is not the right decision", he said.

Last year, Lebanon banned both Wonder Woman and Justice League, both starring the Israeli Gal Gadot.

The failed attempt to ban "The Post" comes after Lebanese censors earlier this month forced Daniel Radcliffe-starrer "The Jungle", about Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, to be pulled from local cinemas after it had been screening for two weeks.

What seems especially incongruous is that Lebanon is one of the few countries in the Arab world still vigorously boycotting Israel, Raidy said.

Lebanon also banned a movie by French-Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri in 2013, named The Attack, for using the shooting location of Tel Aviv and employing Israeli actors in the main roles.

Lebanon officially follows an Arab League blacklist against supporters of Israel and organizations and companies seen as promoting or doing business with the country. "Lebanon, or certain sectors in Lebanon, have recently realized the dangers of cultural and academic normalization with Israel. after this whole Arab overture to Israel". Lebanese citizens are not allowed to travel or have contact with Israeli citizens. "Independence Day" and "True Lies" were barred for portraying Arabs in a bad light, and nearly all movies featuring homosexuality are forbidden.



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