Trump staff 'irrational' about immigration: senior Republican

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Worldwide reactions have continued to U.S. President Donald Trump's description of El Salvador, Haiti and a number of African countries as "shithole countries" during a meeting with legislators on January 11.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters Wednesday that he plans to vote against the GOP leadership's short-term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown. Lindsey Graham of SC were mistaken in indicating that was the case.

Trump was "not well served by his staff", Graham told reporters.

A row broke out last week over Trump's alleged use of the word "shithole" to describe African nations.

"Considering the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the USA during the Atlantic slave trade, this flies in the face of all accepted behavior and practice", she said.

There is some internal West Wing debate whether Trump said "shithole" or "shithouse".

African UN envoys issued a statement saying their group is "extremely appalled at, and strongly condemns the outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks attributed to the President of the United States of America".

The person believes the discrepancy may be why some Republican senators are denying having heard the president say "shithouse".

"I am not a racist", US President Donald Trump has said as he sought to steer clear of the controversy surrounding his reported derogatory remarks against immigrants from Haiti and Africa.

Perdue on Sunday described as a "gross misrepresentation" reports that Trump used the vulgarity. There appears to be little difference in meaning between the two words. John McCain, have always been critical of using CRs to fund the government. The path to a deal seems even more complicated after last week's coarse Oval Office conversation, and Trump has accused Durbin of undermining the trust necessary to reach an agreement.

The doctor says he had "absolutely no concerns" about the 71-year-old president's cognitive abilities, but performed the screening because Trump asked him to do it.

Trump tweets Monday: "Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting".

"I'm not going to get into what I said, but I will tell you, it was a tough meeting", Trump said.

Trump said: "We want 'em to come in from everywhere, everywhere".

In recent weeks the Trump administration has made a series of announcements that have brought that status to an end. Members of Congress from both parties are trying to strike a deal that Trump would support to extend that protection. "He's been an outspoken foe of immigration reform and opponent to DACA and the Dreamers from the start", Durbin said. "We're going to do DACA, and then we can start immediately on the phase two, which would be comprehensive", Trump said.

The White House doctor announced today that Trump was administered the Montreal cognitive test and aced it with a score of 30 on 30. The White House said there are no tapes.

In one of the hearing's most dramatic moments, Democratic Senator Cory Booker grew emphatic after Nielsen said she did not want to answer more questions about the language at the meeting. "Graham asked. "(At a previous meeting) Tuesday, we had a president that I was proud to golf with, call my friend, who understood immigration had to be bipartisan, you had to have border security as essential, you have border security with a wall, but he also understood the idea that we had to do it with compassion. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) were outed by the White House.

"(H) e said 'My family was from one of those s-hole countries.' He used the word himself", Durbin continued, adding that Graham said, "'They came here with limited training, limited experience.

"I actually want a solution for DACA", Tillis said.

Jackson describes Trump as "very sharp" and "very articulate when he speaks to me". He has denied making the statements as well as ensuing accusations that he is racist. "We can not allow the nations of the world to embrace the words that come from our president as a reflection of the true spirit of America", she said while speaking at a service in Atlanta. "No more Lotteries!" Trump said.

As part of a diplomatic protest of Mr Trump's "disturbing" comments, South Africa's government called for a meeting on Monday with acting US Ambassador Jessye Lapenn in Pretoria, the Department of International Relations said in a statement on Sunday.

This is not the first time Trump has responded to charges of racism and prejudice. She said: "Why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV".



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