Zainab murder case: Court sets 36-hour deadline for arrest of culprit

He maintained that Kasur incident is an embarrassment for the entire country

Five days later, her body was found on a pile of garbage, with signs that she had been raped and strangled.

The protests continued into Thursday, with Kasur police spokesman Muhammad Sajid saying protestors had "thrown stones on the buildings of the government hospital, police and deputy commissioner's office".

A police official speaking on condition of anonymity said two of Zainab's relatives had been interrogated and 26 locals are now in custody and being questioned.

Footage from closed-circuit television showed her being led down a street near her home by an unidentified man and her body was found in a rubbish dump after she went missing for four days.

Riots erupted in Kasur over police inaction after reports of the alleged rape and murder of the girl began circulating on social media. And the city made global headlines in 2015 when officials arrested a gang of pedophiles who were running a child sex ring in Kasur. Two people have already died due to people's clash with the police authorities and it seems that there will be a necessary change in the law making policies in the Nation and efforts will be made to make the lives of women and little girls a little more safer so that none of them have to suffer the same fate as Zainab.

"Two persons who suffered serious bullet injuries during the protest succumbed to their injuries", a rescue official said. Outrage over the way police have handled the case has been been growing across the country.

Several celebrities in Pakistan, including former cricket sensation Imran Khan, have called on the police to arrest the suspect quickly.

"The condemnable and horrific rape of the minor had once again exposed how vulnerable children are", he tweeted.

Her parents were performing Umrah and reached their house Wednesday evening to bury their child. Officials had earlier put her age at eight, but her family told AFP that she was just six years old.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice ordered to utilize the entire police force to capture the accused.

The 2015 scandal saw allegations that at least 280 children were filmed being sexually abused by a gang of 25 men who blackmailed their parents by threatening to leak the videos.



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