E. coli outbreak linked to romaine appears to be over

FDA Commissioner Comments on Deadly E. coli O57:H7 HUS Outbreak That May Be Linked to Romaine Lettuce

Of those, one person died while 17 others were hospitalized.

State and local public health officials continue to interview sick people in the United States to determine what they ate in the week before their illness started.

In Canada, health officials said romaine lettuce is now safe to eat.

CDC and FDA will continue to update the public as more information on the outbreak source is uncovered.

American officials said that the outbreak was most likely caused by "leafy greens", while their counterparts in Canada specifically identified romaine lettuce as the source of the infections there.

That brings the total number of cases involving E. coli to 66 in the recent outbreak in the US and Canada.

CDC is not recommending that US residents avoid any particular food given the short shelf life of leafy greens and because a specific type of leafy greens has not been identified.

Caesar salads are off the menu at Wendy's for the time being as U.S. Center for Disease Control investigates an outbreak of E. coli infections that might be linked to eating romaine lettuce.

Produce trade organizations issued a statement that, as of last week, no public health agency had contacted romaine lettuce growers or processors and asked to stop shipping product.

While the outbreak does appear to be associated with leafy greens, according to CDC and FDA statements released yesterday, USA health officials have not confirmed a specific type, nor have any food recalls been issued. There has been one death in California, which was previously reported as connected to the outbreak.

In a media statement, Halloran urged the CDC and Canadian officials to share their raw data on the outbreak and called on the FDA to request and review internal bacterial testing data from producers of romaine lettuce in order to pinpoint the source of the E. coli bacteria that has triggered the illnesses. Rinsing produce with cool water is a good way to protect against any bacteria lingering on the surface - though not a surefire solution to product contamination.

However, officials indicated the outbreak in the United States may also be over soon.

Both countries' public health officials posted updates on the outbreak today stressing that there is little remaining danger to the public because the most recent victim became sick December 12, 2017.

On the same day, CDC announced the E. coli strains appeared related but would not identify a source of the infections.

People usually get sick from this particular strain of E. coli three to four days after eating contaminated food. "You can't taste, smell or see E. coli, which is what makes it so unsafe".

For the record, symptoms of E. coli begin two to eight days after consuming the bacteria, notes CNN.



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