AFTRA Looking Into 'All The Money In The World' Pay Disparity Claims

SAG-AFTRA Looking Into 'All The Money In The World' Pay Disparity Claims

Once the news came out that Williams was paid less than $1,000 for re-shoots on All The Money In The World, whereas Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, many celebrities spoke out in support of her on Twitter.

Williams and Wahlberg are both represented by William Morris/Endeavor.

However, the crucial aspect of payment for the reshoots, which cost a reported $10 million in all, appear to be written into the actors' contracts, which go some way to explaining the pay disparity. "I wonder if the studio or Wahlberg will do something to make the situation less insane".

The second reason Williams walked away with what amounted to almost $80 a day for reshoots is that, because Wahlberg's contract didn't necessitate reshoots, he was able to renegotiate his pay for them. She ultimately worked over Thanksgiving, racing to London on an overnight flight after arranging for her 12-year-old daughter to spend the holiday without her. They also said he wouldn't be part of the reshoots unless he got $1.5 million. (Williams is represented at William Morris Endeavor by Brent Morley.) Wahlberg was already not thrilled to have worked for roughly 80 percent less than his standard fee, the people said, especially since overseas distributors were using his box office track record to promote the film.

Williams previously told USA Today she was happy to accommodate the re-shoot, saying, "They could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted". The filmmaker, cast and crew raced to reshoot scenes in November (17) in an ambitious attempt to keep to the movie's December release schedule, and Michelle confesses it was her daughter, Matilda, who pushed her to go back to work over the USA holiday.

Because Williams had already committed to return, Wahlberg had leverage: He was the only major missing piece and the clock was ticking. Jessica Chastain, now starring in the Golden Globe-nominated "Molly's Game", called Williams a "brilliant" actress who "deserves more".

The film "All the Money in the World" didn't live up to its title when it came to paying actress Michelle Williams - an uncomfortable revelation at a time when Hollywood is still trying to find its footing in treating women fairly, experts say.

The pay gap, which was first reported by the Washington Post back in November, has got people all riled up, including producer Judd Apatow who said it was "so messed up that it is nearly hard to believe".

Deadline reports that if Williams was paid at least union scale for the reshoots, there may be no violation of union rules, regardless of any outside deal any other actor may have negotiated.

Publicists for Wahlberg and Williams did not respond to requests for comment.



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